Reaction Formation

Reaction Formation a Type of Defense Mechanism

Reaction Formation Definition

A Reaction formation is a form of defense mechanism in which impulses and emotions that are tension-generating or perceived to be unacceptable are mastered via exaggeration (hypertrophy) of the at once opposing tendency.

Basically. Reaction formation is the theory of psychoanalyst by Sigmund Freud.

Reaction Formation

Reaction formation occurs when a person feels an urge to do something according to their emotion but in actual does something exact opposite manner of what they feel or want. An important method of remodeling unacceptable or uncomfortable feelings into something extra workable is ‘reaction formation,’ that’s the superficial adoption and exaggeration of ideas and impulses which can be opposed to one’s very own. for further detail, check this site

The idea of reaction formation has been used to provide an explanation for responses to external threats as well as internal anxieties. Inside the phenomenon defined as Stockholm syndrome, a hostage or kidnaps victim ‘falls in love’ with the feared and hated the person who has total electricity over them. Also, paradoxical reports exist of powerless and vulnerable inmates of Nazi camps creating ‘favorites’ a few of the guards or even accumulating gadgets discarded by using them. The mechanism of response formation is often featuring of obsession neuroses.

According to Freud

That is where someone goes beyond denial and behaves on the contrary manner to which he or she thinks or feels (a. Freud, 1936). By using this term of defense mechanism, the id is satisfied while ego hides the actual reasons.

Conscious emotions are the alternative of the unconscious.  Love, Shame, hate.  – Disgust and moralizing are reaction formation in opposition to sexuality. Commonly, a reaction formation is marked by compulsiveness and showiness.

Like, Freud claimed that men who are prejudice towards homosexuals are creating a defense in opposition to their homosexual feelings using adopting a harsh anti-homosexual attitude which enables persuade them of their heterosexuality.

The behavior because of reaction formation is mostly compulsive, inflexible, and extremely exaggerated. Those behaviors don’t vary because of modifications in emotion as do herbal behaviors.

Reaction formation example

As an instance, a father who feels guilt at resenting his child may match above and beyond to express showy love to the child underneath all occasions. Those behaviors primarily based on fake emotions are often smooth to identify. This one is the example of reaction formation. Therapists regularly examine response formation in sufferers who declare to strongly consider in something and turn out to be vehemently angry at everyone who disagrees.


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