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Top 10 Couple Trackers for iPhone and Android: Alana Wade’s Account on the Best Tracker Apps

Undoubtedly, the Internet is a great invention which has made our lives easier in many ways. It has transformed the world into a global village, where communicating with someone who is even on the other side of the world is a piece of cake. But just like every other aspect of life, the Internet has its drawbacks. For example, your other half might be cheating on you via the Internet, and you might be unaware of the events that are going on behind your back. 

Therefore, if you happen to be in a serious relationship, how can you be sure that your partner isn’t disloyal? Don’t worry, the days of hiring private eyes or following your partner wearing dark glasses and a baseball cap, are over.

In this article, I will introduce you to the best couple trackers to do the detective work for you. So, keep reading, and I’ll enlighten you on the best app on the market and many other suitable apps for the purpose. Furthermore, I’ll also guide you on how to use a couple tracker, and you’ll be good to go.

Top 10 Most Effective Couple Trackers for iPhone and Android

mSpy: The Best Couple Tracker App


Hands down, this is the best all-around app for checking your partner. It is simple to use. At the same time, it meets all your requirements for a couple tracker to catch cheating boyfriends or girlfriends. mSpy incorporates a GPS tracking feature that shows your partner’s whereabouts every waking hour. You can track their real-time location, know the actual coordinates, and even acquire the exact address. mSpy is the best option there is, offering you the best value for money. It includes all the essential features that one needs to track their partner:

  • Call logs.
  • Contacts and with restricted numbers list.
  • Timestamps.
  • Calendar.
  • Multimedia files.
  • Locations.
  • Geofencing.
  • Browsing history.
  • Sites restriction.
  • Applications restriction.
  • Social media and IMs.

One thing worth mentioning here is that the app doesn’t crash regularly. And if you experience any glitches, you can speak to a real person as this app has excellent 24/7 Customer Service. The app is undetectable so that the person you are tracking will have no idea they are being monitored.

How to Use mSpy on an Android Phone?

mspy android app

If you wish to install the app on an Android phone, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Begin with purchasing your desired subscription. 
  2. Type the link you will see in your account in Google Chrome on the target phone you want to monitor.
  3. Search for the downloaded bt.apk file on the target device, click on it, and launch it to start the installation. Then simply press “Next” until you are done with the installation. 
  4. All you need to do now is remove bt.apk from Downloads on the target phone and clear the browser history.
  5. Check the updates on your Control Panel.

How to Track an iPhone With mSpy?

mspy iphone app

You can install mSpy either by jailbreaking or without jailbreaking the iPhone. On a jailbroken device, open Cydia and go to MTechnology LTD repository. Then select All Packages> iPhoneInternalService> Install> Confirm. It will now be installed on the device invisibly. After the installation is complete, navigate to Restart SpringBoard for the device to restart. Then open Cydia, go to Source, then MTechnology LTD repository, and delete it. Finally, click on the mSpy icon, and the app will be good to go.

On an iPhone which isn’t Jailbroken, you’ll require the user’s iCloud’s credentials. Get mSpy, and you’ll be able to link to the target account in a jiffy, you will not even need to download the couple tracker.

Pros ✅

  •   You can track more than one phone: the number of subscriptions is not limited.
  •   A wide range of great features.
  •   Deleted information is captured within 3 minutes.
  •   Excellent Customer Support.
  •   You can block websites remotely.

Cons ➖

  •   The location data is sometimes not in real-time as the minimal update interval is 5 minutes.
  •   You need to root or jailbreak the target phone to fully access social media features and read the incoming messages.



It is a reasonably priced app that has some great features for monitoring a spouse or a girlfriend/boyfriend. Again, you must possess the target device to download the app, but once that is done, you can monitor the phone remotely. This couple location app has excellent features: you can get the location, timestamps, a map of the places your partner visited, and much more. The biggest problem with this app is not the app itself but Customer Support. Currently, the website is down for an indefinite period.   

Pros ✅

  •   Great monitoring capabilities.
  •   Remote restriction tool for apps.

Cons ➖

  •   Not currently taking new subscriptions.
  •   It is impossible to block calls from selected phone numbers.
  •   The website is not working.


This app is ideal if you want to track the whereabouts of your partner’s phone, as well as its content. You can access up to fifty photos that were recently deleted and can get a one-year subscription. The installation process for this app is a piece of cake and very similar to mSpy. 

AllTracker is a great couple tracker for both Android and iPhone if you want the other person to be aware that you are spying on them. It doesn’t count as a secret app, but if you are searching for an app that locates your phone, tells you where your partner is, and can go through their social media activity. However, if you want to be as stealthy as possible, this couple tracker app is for you.

Pros ✅

  •   Couple tracker free trial is offered.
  •   Calls can be recorded.
  •   You can view each other’s calendars, learn the phone status, battery power, location, etc.

Cons ➖

  •   You cannot hide this app: the owner of the phone decides what you can see,  which will make it nearly impossible to catch them cheating on you.
  •   Can be confusing to install if you are not tech-savvy.
  •   It cannot record calls on Android 10+.


spybubble app

SpyBubble is one of the most effective spy apps. It allows you to block websites and apps: your partner may wonder why they can no longer access any dating websites. In addition to that, SpyBubble is incredibly high tech. Not only can you send remote commands, but you can also access phone contacts, photos, and browser history.  This couple monitor app is easy to install after purchasing the license.

Pros ✅

  •   It is easy to install.
  •   The app is compatible with all Android and iOS devices, except the oldest versions.
  •   There is a wide range of monitoring functions.

Cons ➖

  •   It is a bit overpriced, but there are regular sales.
  •   You can’t listen to the calls.


spyera app

This couple monitor shares most of its functions, including call interception and call recording, with other apps. However, it also has such unique features that aren’t available with many of its competitors. There is a sim card change alert, which is great if you suspect your partner of changing sim cards. You can purchase subscriptions for different devices operating on various platforms, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS. But whenever you want to change the target device from a tablet to a smartphone, you will need to pay for an upgrade.

Pros ✅

  •   This couple locator operates in a stealth mode.
  •   You cannot easily change a device.
  •   Unlike many other advanced couple spy apps, it offers ambient recording.

Cons ➖

  •   No live customer support specialists available. 
  •   This couple tracker for iPhone needs no jailbreaking.
  •   The price is quite high.



eyeZy has become more popular among those who want to know more about their loved one’s activities over the last few months due to its efficiency. The app keeps working in the background, like most of its previous competitors. This couple tracker app for iPhone and Android will send you call logs, make recordings of calls, allow you to listen to the live calls, read texts and WhatsApp messages, etc. This app is a great couple tracker for iPhones and Android devices.

Pros ✅

  •   There is a call recording option.
  •   You can listen to the environment.

Cons ➖

  •   Your target’s iPhone needs to be jailbroken in some cases.


Hoverwatch Cell Phone Tracker

Hoverwatch certainly has a cool ring to it, but it isn’t suitable for you if you wish to track an iPhone. It has all the features you can expect from a first-class couple tracker mobile monitor, including calls and SMS, locations and geofencing, multimedia files, social networks, etc. including the ability to track information without the phone owner’s knowledge. It goes without saying that the app will keep a low profile on the target device after the installation. It also incorporates a sim card change detector, a feature that will notify you every time the target changes the card. These notifications will be a valuable addition to your arsenal to help you maintain better control over the target’s activity.

Pros ✅

  •   Can track multiple devices under one account.
  •   Screenshots and call recording are available.

Cons ➖

  •   No app version is offered for iOS.
  •   An account can have a limited number of subscriptions, even with the Professional Package.
  •   The information you can receive from an Android phone is limited unless it is rooted.


SpyHuman Android Monitoring

SpyHuman is promoted as an all-in-one couple tracker solely developed for Android. The core functions it provides are the same as those of all the other apps in this couple tracker app review. These include phone, calls, SMS, locations, calendar, etc. The software can be used without the owner of the phone knowing and requires no rooting, so you won’t have to get your partner’s phone for a long time. It is unnoticeable on the target phone and stands out by recording background noises by secretly launching the microphone. That is not what all of the apps we mentioned here do. However, this feature cannot be used during the call. 

The installation process is straightforward and simple, so you do not need to be tech-savvy to use it.  And you can always request help. This software has excellent 24/7 live customer service. 

Finally, there is a free trial. Even though the trial period is shorter than some of the app in our list may offer, it gives you an opportunity to try all the functionality without exception and has no ads at all!

Pros ✅

  •   The trial is free and allows you to try all the functions.
  •   There is live customer service.
  •   No rooting for most Android phones.

Cons ➖

  •   The app does not work on iPhones, but on Android exclusively.
  •   There are no remote control or restriction options.


FlexiSpy Spy Software

This app is a complete spy system to have the relations in your couple under control. It not only allows you to monitor calls, SMS, WhatsApp, and photos; it also enables you to intercept calls and even access the microphone so that you can hear everything around where the phone is located. It is supported by both Android and iOS and does not need you to jailbreak an iPhone or root an Android device. 

In addition to the long list of features, there is a premium FlexiSPY Express service. It offers you direct device delivery. You can shop on the site to select the phone you would like to give to your target and have it delivered to your own or their door. The latest models of the iPhone and Samsung are available.

Pros ✅

  •   FlexiSPY offers a lot of useful functions.
  •   It works both on Android and iPhones/iPads.
  •   You can purchase a new 100% compatible phone with the app on it.

Cons ➖

  •   The direct delivery service is quite expensive.

KidsGuard Pro

KidGuard Parental Control App

This app was designed for parents to check up on their kids in the Internet space but could be used by couples. You can monitor all calls, texts, browser history, social media accounts, and GPS locations. It is quite straightforward to install and use, like other licensed spyware. You may not be as tech-savvy as most, but you will still find it perfectly simple and easy to use.

Pros ✅

  •   You will see all the calls, including missed calls.
  •   You get the standard functionality: browsing history, text messages, applications list, social media, locations.
  •   You can have a 10-day free trial.

Cons ➖

  •   You can only track one device at a time.
  •   You can’t record calls or restrict contacts, applications, and sites.
  •   It is great for parents, but has too few options for monitoring partners, especially the creative ones.

Alternative Solution to Track Your Spouse’s Location

Detectico is one of the best surveillance services to track your spouse’s location and determine if they’re having an affair. The website gives you access to your lover’s whereabouts in real-time using their mobile number. Unlike most smartphone spy apps, compatibility isn’t an issue with Detectico; you can track a phone number’s location without them knowing, regardless of the mobile network provider or mobile phone OS version. 

The subscription plans are also remarkably affordable. You can use the €0,49 trial offer to track someone’s phone number for 72 hours, and if you’re satisfied with the website’s services, you can pay for an extended 1-month plan at $36.6. 

If you’re worried about getting caught spying on your spouse, Detectico has you covered. The website keeps you anonymous, so your lover won’t know you’re monitoring their location. Quickly, let’s look at how to track a person by cell phone number with Detectico: 

  1. Enter the target’s phone number in the blank field on the home page of Detectico. The website will send a geolocation request via text message to your spouse. 

2. Wait for your spouse to receive the request and authorize you to view their location. 

Detectico message

3. Start spying after the website displays the location of your lover on a GPS card on your mobile phone screen. 

Detectico step 3

Affordable, anonymous, and straightforward to use, Detectico is one of the most comprehensive mobile surveillance solutions you’ll find. If you’d rather not use a spy app, this website is one of the best alternatives we can recommend using.

What Can One Expect When Using a Couple Tracker?

As you have seen in the couple tracker reviews, you can get a lot of detective work done with these apps, spy on your partner without them knowing. A standard app offers you call, SMS, GPS, locations, and, mostly after an upgrade, social media information. In contrast, many of them provide you with such features as in-call listening, ambient listening enabling the microphone to activate stealthily, record the environment, see deleted texts or pictures, and even take screenshots. 

I place mSpy at the top of this rating as the list of services you can enjoy with it is exhaustive. You are probably wondering, why as there are two important features missing. Calls and surroundings recording would definitely be handy for checking on your partner, wouldn’t they? The answer is simple: this practice being illegal in most states, these features may not work even if they are included in the package. I would never sacrifice the ability to restrict the contacts I do not like or sites and apps like Tinder for the sake of these functions. Would you?

Having a couple mobile tracker on their phones is not something your partner would welcome. Nevertheless, it will send you all the details you may need quickly and efficiently, sometimes in a matter of a few minutes. Besides, nine out of the ten apps we have looked at are hidden and can hardly be detected on the target device. 

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So How Do These Trackers Work?

Normally, the algorithm of how to use a couple tracker is the same for all the licensed spyware. You purchase a subscription or get a trial version, create an account, download a couple tracker on the target phone and install it. The updates start coming within an hour. In some cases, you will receive them within the next 24 hours if you are monitoring your partner’s iPhone. The recorded data on the phone is sent to the server, and that is where you can be stored for up to several months. You can access it on your Control Panel or export in different formats. 

Most couple trackers are for Android and iPhone, but some of them will require rooting and jailbreaking. PCs also support them. These days, you can make the most of it by tracking a smartphone and regard your partner’s computer as a secondary option. Some apps have This means that you may not be able to use the phone remotely.

What Features Do the Apps Offer?

I have already mentioned some of the features that are standard for these couple trackers. Most of them offer more than one package type, so you need to pay for an upgrade if you want to get the advanced features social media and IMs, geofencing and restrictions. They are worth paying, though, as their precision will deliver the necessary proof to your hands.


These couple tracking apps are great if you think you have a partner with a wandering eye or notice changes in their behavior that raise your suspicion. If you notice that they are paying extra attention to their appearance and much less to their communication with you, it is an alarm that something changed in your couple.

It may be too late to guess at this point, where you will need to take timely action. In this case, the geofencing feature is the must if you wish to know exactly when your partner is traveling to the forbidden places. Remember to enable loud notifications for your email – that is where the alert will be arriving.

Check their deleted SMS, social networks and instant messengers for more details to know if they are going to have a new secret date and block the contact as soon as you learn who their romantic texts are for.

Finally, make them unable to use the sites and app you disapprove of. If there is no Tinder or any other dating services, it will be much easier to remain faithful. If you disable those for good, your partner will not find themselves in a situation when they are just browsing out of curiosity and then see somebody they cannot help writing to.

To have all these tools at your disposal, all you need to do is install mSpy on your partner’s phone. You will only need to hold it for 5-10 minutes – and you may never need to touch it again. While you have it in your hands, you can even contact Customer Support to have them install it remotely.

I'm Alana Wade, a psychologist with over five years of experience working with relationships. I've dedicated my career to helping couples and families create lasting, meaningful connections.


  1. I don’t have access to my boyfriend’s iCloud credentials. And I honestly don’t think I can just go ahead and ask him for it. Also, I’m not exactly a tech person so pulling off a jailbreak is out of the question. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Great article. Very informative. I don’t think I’ve read a more detailed review. I’ve used the SpyBubble, and you’re right about it being overpriced. I think I’ll try some of the other apps on this list.

  3. My boyfriend is a tech guy, and I’m a little skeptical about monitoring his phone. Is it possible to detect a spy app on the phone? If it is, I’m 101% sure he’d find out.

  4. There’s no way in the good heavens you’d try all these apps for tracking your partner and not get the result you want. This write-up encompasses all there is for best spy apps. Good piece!

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