Best Android Spy Apps for Catching a Cheating Spouse

Do you think your spouse is cheating on you? Are you concerned about how to catch a cheating spouse on Android? Don’t worry; I understand that with the easy accessibility of Android and other advanced technologies, how easy it has become to cheat on someone. But, if cheating is easy, the same is to catch a cheater. This guide will help you find out the various apps to spy on your spouse’s Android device.

There are several hidden cheating apps for Android, which can help you get into the detail of everything you want to know. Hence, if you wish to find out the app that actually works, read on to compare all the cheating spy apps for Android to suit your needs.

What Are the Free Android Apps to Catch a Cheating Spouse?

You might have come across several advertisements claiming to provide you with free Android apps to spy on your spouse, but the verity is — they are all just a scam. Downloading such apps would be a total waste of your time. Entirely free cheaters app for Android does not exist. Those apps that claim to be free aren’t very efficient.

Most free cheating spouse apps for Android might be downloaded for free, but they will provide you with a limited free-trial period. Hence, you will be able to access only basic features a spy app provides, without access to its advanced functionalities. 

Hence, once you realize that nothing comes for free, you should look for the best and affordable Android app to spy on your spouse. One of the best Android apps to catch a cheating spouse that I have come across is the mSpy app. It is one of those rare mobile apps, which provide the services they claim. Note that mSpy offers a money-back guarantee if you find it problematic or unuseful.

Just keep in mind that if a bit of your money can save you from so much distress, why not spend it? Instead of wasting time and making a fool of yourself finding a completely free Android app to spy on your spouse that doesn’t even exist, opt for professional spyware like mSpy.

Let’s have a look at some of the best cheating apps for Android so that you make a comparison.

What are 7 Best Free Android Spy Apps for a Cheating Spouse?

I understand how disgusted it feels to be cheated. But no cheater would ever admit his crime unless provided with evident proofs. Thus, you need to have a hidden cheating app for Android installed on his phone to collect all the shreds of evidence.

There are multiple options available in the market, claiming to be the best catch a cheater app for Android. But to save you from any kind of distress, I have already done all the research and found out the 7 most reliable Android apps to spy on your spouse. 

#1 mSpy

android mspy

mSpy is one of the best cheating apps for Android. Such software is capable of spying almost everything in the target phone. It gives you 100% accurate results and keeps on updating the data every few minutes. It lets you spy on all the social media apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc.

This cheating husband Android app allows you to read all the sent and received messages, even if they have been erased or deleted from the phone. You can access the erased history of the web browser as well. Moreover, it gives you a free-trial policy of 7 days.

This catch a cheating spouse app Android comes in two affordable packages, namely Basic and Premium plan. I would personally suggest you go with the Premium subscription as this package lets you access all the advanced features and can keep an eye on your spouse’s activities.


  •   It runs hidden in the background.
  •   Its customer support is easy to access 24/7.
  •   It tracks almost every kind of data on the phone.


  • The Basic plan has limited accessibility.

Installation Guide of mSpy

mspy android setup

Let’s take a look at a detailed step-by-step guide on installing mSpy and catching your cheating spouse red-handed. Follow the below given easy procedure to install this cheating husband Android app on your partner’s phone.

Step 1: Choose a subscription plan as per your suitability. However, I would personally suggest you go with the Premium package. After deciding on the choice, make the necessary payment.

Step 2: Once payment is complete, you will receive an email containing your login credentials and a complete installation guide.

Step 3: To have full access to the app, you will need to have full authorized physical access to the target device. In the target phone, launch the phone browser, type the link for downloading the program, and proceed with the installation.

Step 4: Once the file gets downloaded, you will get several security alerts and messages, “Allow” and “Accept” them.

Step 5: After installation, “Run” it by agreeing to all privacy policies. 

Step 6: Activate the “Update Services” and start monitoring the target device remotely.

#2 Mobistealth

Mobistealth Remotely Monitoring App

Next to mSpy, comes Mobistealth while looking for cheating apps for Android. Using this Android cheating app, you can track the browsing history, phone, and video call details. It allows you to control your spouse’s device and access all information remotely. However, the updating process of the data is prolonged.

Mobistealth’s installation is quite easy, but it doesn’t support every Android operating system. Hence, the very first thing you should do before purchasing a subscription is checking its compatibility with your partner’s device. 


  •   It tracks every keystroke with its efficient keylogger.
  •   It comes with a real-time location tracking feature.
  •   It works in a stealth mode.


  •   Its 24/7 customer support isn’t available.
  •   Its prices are at the upper range. 
  •   It doesn’t support the latest Android devices.

#3 iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor App for Parental Control

iKeyMonitor is another cheaters app for Android. If money is not an issue for you, and you can spend a hefty amount to buy its subscription, you can think of this spyware. iKeyMonitor gives you access to almost everything happening in the target Android device.

You can look at the call logs, and even download the conversations. With an efficient keylogger that it encompasses, you can read all the messages and codes being typed on the phone. But unlike mSpy, it doesn’t give you the access of deleted logs, messages, or history.


  •   It has efficient customer support.
  •   It highlights suspicious words and contacts.


  •   It requires rooting.
  •   It is highly expensive.

#4 eyeZy


eyeZy allows you to record phone calls and listen to all the conversations remotely. This Android app to spy on your spouse gives you complete access to all the apps downloaded on the target Android. You can track the locations, read messages, monitor the calendars and activities, and know everything being typed on the target device.

Though it comes with many features, it is costly compared to mSpy. It doesn’t allow you for a free trial, as mSpy does, and also costs you bulk in your pocket.


  •   It is easy to install.
  •   It can download recorded phone calls.
  •   It tracks suspicious words in text messages.


  •   It doesn’t support Android 8.0 onwards.
  •   It has a very complex user-interface.

5. Auto Forward

Auto Forward Cell Phone Monitoring

Auto Forward is a cheating husband Android app that safely monitors all the text messages and voice calls. Auto Forward will automatically notify you about the browsing history of the device performed on any browser. But in comparison to mSpy, its updating process is prolonged. So, you won’t be able to get instant notifications like in mSpy.

Auto Forward enables you to handle your spouse’s social media handles remotely and privately. It renders you access to all the messages being sent and received on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. along with details of video calls.


  •   It comes with an affordable pricing system.
  •   It tracks location without GPS.
  •   It is simple and easy to install.


  •   It doesn’t allow you to record calls.
  •   The support system is slow and delayed.
  •   It gives no access to deleted messages or history.

6. Spyic

Spyic Parental Control App

Although Spyic is a reliable cheating spouse app for Android, its accuracy lacks behind in comparison to mSpy. Also, compared to other apps, it doesn’t provide the advanced features of recording calls, reading deleted messages, and history.

Also, this spyware fails in providing regular updates. Though it allows you to go through the social media handles, calls logs, text messages, etc. on the target phone, its accuracy is still questionable. 


  •   It works on all versions of Android.
  •   It doesn’t require rooting.
  •   It’s easy to use.


  •   It’s pricier than mSpy.
  •   Its performance stats aren’t available yet.
  •   It is incapable of tracking every kind of data.

7. Spyzie

Spyzie monitoring app

Spyzie is a reliable cheaters app for Android. It lets you see the call records, SMS details, emails, and web browser history on the target phone. It captures live screenshots of the activities being performed on your spouse’s phone. You can even access your partner’s social media accounts, but this app is unable to get through the deleted messages.

However, their website is currently under maintenance. But you can easily Google about this cheating spouse app for Android and look on the cached pages to know more about it. 


  •   It works in the background.
  •   It doesn’t require rooting.
  •   It supports the latest Android versions.


  •   It is very expensive compared to mSpy.
  •   It doesn’t update the live location.

Android Spy Apps Comparison Table

By now, you must have had an idea that mSpy is the best Android app to catch a cheating spouse. But, in case you still have queries, you can look at the comparison table given below. This table compares all the features of the best Android apps mentioned above. It will enable you to have an even clearer picture of the Android apps to spy on your spouse and make your decision quickly.

Best Spy Apps Comparison Table

Overall, you can see how mSpy outperforms all the other cheating spouse apps for Android.

How to Choose the Best App to Spy on Spouse Cell Phone for Free?

mSpy Monitoring App

When it comes to choosing the best Android app to catch a cheating spouse, you must have certain parameters in your mind. Don’t jump to buy the subscription of any Android spy app only by looking at the ad commercials on different platforms.

Invest your money wisely by having a full-proof comparison of different cheating boyfriend apps for Android. Hence, let’s look at a brief guide on choosing the best app to catch your spouse red-handed:

  • Decide what you want to track. Do you want to access all the information and data on your partner’s phone or just calls and locations? You need to have a clear-cut idea of what you are looking for.
  • Once you know what you want access to, look for a couple of spy apps for Android that serve your chosen purpose.
  • Narrow down your search based on the prices of the subscription packages of various cheaters apps for Android that meet all your requirements. 
  • If you are getting the same features at a lesser rate, why put your pockets’ burden? Look for the cheapest app out of all your chosen cheating apps for Android. 
  • Read the testimonials of your decided app from different sources. Testimonials are a great source to get to know about the real-time experience of people who have used or are currently using that app.
  • Look for other features that the cheating spouse app for Android provides in your specified budget and how efficient it is in letting you access the correct information.
  • Visit the app’s official site to know about their customer support service. Always look for the spy app, which provides you with an efficient 24/7 customer care support. 
  • Make sure that the app supports the Android version of your target phone. You can easily find such information on the official website of the spyware.
  • Think about how long you want to spy because various apps provide you with monthly, half-yearly, and yearly subscriptions. The time-frame depends upon you. But monthly subscriptions are often expensive compared to the yearly ones, which generally provide you with a fairly good amount of discount. 
  • Make sure that the app isn’t just another scam. Prefer to choose US-based apps to spy on spouse’s Android device. They have a slightly higher reliability factor.
  • Look for the apps which provide you with a free trial version. This way, you can have a brief real-time idea of the efficiency of that particular app.
  • Before making the payment, ensure that you can contact their customer support team through voice calls or SMS, and discuss everything in detail. Make the payment only after you are assured about every factor.
  • Don’t forget to look for the installation process, accessibility, and capability of the Android cheating app to work in hidden mode. 

Just a gentle reminder, don’t fall for the apps which claim to be free Android spy apps to catch a cheating spouse. There is nothing that comes for free except the free trials that very few apps like mSpy provide.

Don’t waste your time and resources for absolutely nothing in return. Instead, invest wisely. Make a wise decision by comparing different cheaters apps for Android, based on the parameters mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

As now you know what you need to do, you don’t have to worry about how to catch a cheating spouse on Android. If your spouse thinks they can cheat on you and behave with you the way he wants, realize your worth, invest in the best cheating app for Android, collect all evidence against them, and don’t let them make a fool out of you.

In my opinion, mSpy is the best out of all the apps to spy on your spouse on Android. It is relatively inexpensive to all its counterparts in the market. Hence, if you wish to gain efficient customer support, a bunch of advanced features, and software that runs in the background, mSpy is your best bet.


  1. You’re right about the free spy apps. I’ve tried a couple, and they were completely useless. Others only offer a few features that don’t really do much. Paid apps are a no-brainer.

  2. I think the most difficult part of using a spy app is having full physical access to the target device. Cheaters are always so careful and overprotective of their phones. It would take some time to catch them off guard.

  3. I think Mobistealth does support all Android models. The information is on their website. Maybe they didn’t before, but I’m not sure. I have a friend who installed it on his girlfriend’s Android 10 device, and it worked just fine.

  4. Lastly, spy apps for the good old Android users. This piece is totally detailed and informative. However, it left me confused at the many options available.

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