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Alana Wade

alana wade

Being a psychologist, I have witnessed numerous patients that developed psychological disorders, or even trauma, for being cheated by their partner. Sometimes people also suffer from just the fear of it. I know how toxic cheating can be, not only for a spouse or a couple but for entire households, including children and their childhood.

Today I intend to help women find a cheating partner and confront them with evidence instead of being paranoid about their cheating, based on intuition and being trapped within go-nowhere quarrels and qualms.

I work for a Detective agency, and my area of expertise is online spying. My job is to help you penetrate the social network accounts and emails of your partner, and investigate for data that will justify if your suspicions are right indeed. But if you are right, you may then carry on with your life, without hanging on to an unfaithful, half-hearted relationship.

If your partner is not cheating on you, they would have nothing to worry about this spying. I leverage only ethical methods that are well compliant with legal regulations and do not involve any illegal steps. But if your partner is cheating, whatsoever, this evidence can help you conclude a toxic relationship with decisions that do not come with complimentary gifts of guilt, second thoughts, etc.

Cheating has dynamic angles. Even if there is evidence of your spouse getting involved with someone else, it is possible that they truly love you. Through my blog, I intend to provide advice on how you can cope with cheating spouses and investigate the matter ethically.