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How to Stop Thinking My Boyfriend Is Cheating on Me – Ways That Actually Work

When was the last time you had some peaceful quality time with your boyfriend or husband without the fear of infidelity grinding at the back of your mind? Sometimes you have avid reasons or clues when you cannot help but think your man is cheating on you. However, it is not uncommon for women (men as well) to be immensely worried about infidelity even in a secure relationship, that may reach a paranoia level.

Hence, if an article titled how to stop thinking your BF is cheating got you interested instead of how to stop your boyfriend from cheating, then it is a good sign that you are trying to make amends with yourself first, before jumping into the blame game. While you are at it, start with the why of the matter. 

Why Do I Always Think My Boyfriend Is Cheating? 

In an article written for Psychology Today, Randi Gunther, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, and Marriage Counselor, points out that the feeling or rather fear of being cheated on may get so severe that it may even lead to PTSD. While it is easy to point out your spouse’s wrongdoings or react to the gale of intuition, it is hard to come up with an exact answer if you ask yourself, ‘why do I think my boyfriend is cheating on me’? Hence, here are some pointers to enlighten your research.

Inequality in a Relationship

There are dynamic views of inequality in a relationship to make you say out loud that ‘I feel like my BF is cheating on me.” When he cooks a better meal than you, when he is more organized, when he is overly caring, the sense of dominion can come the other way around when your spouse is a better spouse than you.

Trust Issues and Family Background

Children that faced parental separation, divorce, or witnessed domestic violence between parents may have trust issues that can even lead them to be paranoid about cheating.

You Have a Cheating History Together

In cases when your boyfriend or husband has a history of cheating, you might feel vulnerable that history may repeat itself. But this may also work the other way around if you feel attracted to someone; meanwhile, it is possible to develop paranoia about cheating, where you are scared that your spouse is likely to do the same.

The Ideal Relationship Is Made of Plastic

Does your so-called perfect relationship lack adventure or spark? Does it feel much like plastic flowers – a simulation of things that look good, such as timely meals, scheduled plans, placid behaviors, and predictable texts? Such relations may be notorious and fuel the ‘I think my BF is cheating on me’ suspicion.

How to Stop Worrying About My Boyfriend Cheating on Me? 

The question of how to stop worrying about cheating is urgent nowadays. Hence, here are some tips and directions that will genuinely help you fix this problem.

Investigate the Authenticity of Your Worries

Being able to talk it out is absolution for any relationship. But usually, that is not an option. Confronting your spouse with infidelity charges almost always leads to conflict that does not solve the problem.

So initially, give yourself some solitary time to think about the matter. Explore your BF’s social media pages for any clues. See if you find any solid clue, maybe a comment, a photo, or even any special post. But remember not to prolong this process, lest it turns into obsession.

Break the Ice, but Politely

If your paranoia persists, try to confide in your boyfriend, by politely letting him know that you have developed this fear of losing him. But remember, do not charge him with an accusation in the first place.

Spend Some Quality Time with Your Man

Invite him to dinner, take him out on a classic date, and have plenty of laughter. Be like children, or just like friends. Sometimes, public outings, excursions, and city tours give you a sense of plenty and emotional security than intimate dates.

Pamper Yourself, Seek Guidance, and Be Confident

Sometimes, your suspicions may not be farce after all. Being cheated by someone you love is a painful experience. Hence, give yourself the mental support to cope with the situation, instead of losing your mind. Seek spiritual guidance, or even professional guidance, if necessary. Finally, pamper yourself and look fabulous. You cannot heal without your consent, so focus on yourself more than the things that don’t matter anymore. 

Final Thoughts

While there may be plenty of ways showing you how to stop being paranoid about cheating spouses, the methods or effectiveness of them varies from person to person. The best thing you could do in this situation is to confront your fears instead of starting a fight, pushing your loved one away, or being paranoid about it. Remember that almost in all cases, these feelings are far from legitimate truths.

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I'm Alana Wade, a psychologist with over five years of experience working with relationships. I've dedicated my career to helping couples and families create lasting, meaningful connections.


  1. I was in a relationship with a guy who I thought was cheating on me. I found out later that he wasn’t, but the suspicion and paranoia I felt was awful. If you’re currently in a situation where you think your partner may be cheating on you, here are some things that may help you stop thinking about it so much:
    1. Talk to your partner directly about your concerns.
    2. Try to remember all of the times when your partner has been loyal and faithful to you.
    3. Focus on the positive aspects of your relationship, rather than dwelling on the negative.
    4. Talk to a trusted friend or family member about your suspicions and get their opinion.
    5. Seek professional help if your suspicions are impacting your mental health or causing you a great deal of stress.

  2. This article provides a comprehensive guide to help people struggling with the fear that their partner is cheating on them. It includes helpful advice on how to cope with these feelings, as well as practical steps to take to address any concerns. It also provides useful tips for how to communicate better with your partner and build a stronger relationship. The article provides an informative and detailed look at this difficult issue, and it’s definitely worth reading for anyone dealing with similar worries. Great work!

  3. I’ve been dealing with this paranoia for a while now, and I’m glad I found this article. It’s really helped me to confront my fears and to realize that in most cases, these feelings are coming from a place of insecurity. Thanks for the helpful advice!

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