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Is My Husband Cheating? 22 Signs of an Unfaithful Partner

There’s hardly anything that can rattle a woman in a relationship, like the thought of her partner cheating. That’s because there might be a whole lot at stake — family, finances, social status, emotional security, and even future dreams. Emotions always seem to run high when the stakes are high.

If you’re thinking you’re going paranoid, maybe you’re really not, after all. It’s something that most of us have had to live with. Don’t take our word for it, but 70% of Americans have had an extra affair at some point while in a serious relationship.

Perhaps things might seem overwhelming to you because you just can’t connect the dots yet. You’re not certain of what to make of signs he’s cheating.

This dossier is a panacea for your paranoia. We’ll help you connect the dots, so when you spot something suspicious, you can put your finger on what it really is. This guide is something you should keep handy for future references, so you can always cross-check to get a better sense of discernment.

22 Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

husband cheating

Infidelity is one of the most challenging problems one can face in their relationships. Hence, we put together 22 signs that may indicate your husband is a cheater.

He’s Hanging Out With a New Crowd

Are you finding it hard to keep track of his friends and circles? Though it might seem immaterial at first, it could mean your man is cheating or involved in something bad if you come to think of it. For one, he might be trying to throw you off his tracks and discourage you from finding out about his friends. Secondly, he might just be out ‘hunting’ for his next cheating partner. 

He’s Become a Perpetual Liar

So lying has now become his second nature because he’s just used to playing with your intelligence and getting away with certain things.

On the surface, it could always look like a white lie, and he didn’t mean to harm anyone. But from a deep moral perspective, it’s one of the proven signs your husband is cheating because he feels he can break your trust and win it back easily. 

He Calls a Woman’s Name by Mistake Repeatedly

It’s normal for someone to mention another person’s name mistakenly during a conversation. But when that happens frequently, that person is always on his mind. It might just be some mere infatuation, but then there are some serious potentials. Note that name down and find out who that woman is and what they’re really up to before it’s too late! 

Ignoring a Certain Caller

We all get those nagging calls that we avoid now and then, but then when he does it with a particular caller — especially when you’ve noticed a lot of strange things happening recently — then perhaps it might be time to find ways of catching a husband cheating. It’s even worse if he sneaks out to a private room to return the call and then talks in hushed tones.   

He Suddenly Becomes Timid

Having arguments and fights now and then can be a sign of a healthy relationship. It could mean that everyone can bear their minds and let the other have it.

But when your partner suddenly becomes a timid ‘yes’ man, totally avoiding any fights or arguments with you, it might not necessarily mean that he’s hoisting a white flag. It could be signs that he loves the other woman and is thinking about leaving you for her. 

Suspicious Charges on His Credit Card

Another reliable way to learn how to tell if your partner is cheating is by checking his credit card transactions. Usually, if you find him withdrawing some vast amounts, you should be able to see signs of those activities around the house or his office — new furniture, new gadgets, or a service that he’s talked about.

But then, if he goes mute and there’s no sign of what he might have spent the money on, you need to ask, ‘Is my husband cheating?’.

He Suddenly Becomes Overprotective of His Phone

Usually, you shouldn’t underplay (or even let him underplay) any signs of secrets in your relationship. So if he’s making tangible efforts to prevent you from accessing some of his personal stuff, there’s definitely a strong reason to believe something is fishy. If he’s locked out his phone, perhaps it’s time to investigate his cheating behavior. 

Shared Media Accounts Gets Closed Down

In the same vein, he locks you out of his social media accounts as he creates a new password for his phone. He abandons the social media account that you can access to create a new one independently. He locks you out of his independent account without any reasonable excuse. You ought not to take that lightly. 

He’s Suddenly Rekindling His Interest in Appearances

So, he’s not the gym and outfits type, but then he’s suddenly bursting into life recently. He’s thinking of losing weight and toning his muscles, and looking 10 years younger. Well, if he’s doing all that to try to keep up with a new standard you’ve set for yourself, congratulations, he loves you like never before. But if not, you should really be concerned about what’s been motivating him recently. 

Bedroom Boredom

So now there’s always an awkward silence in the room, with everyone staring at the walls or ceiling after a romp. You can clearly notice the spark is fading in his eyes. He no longer lights up when he’s with you like he used to. Perhaps to him, the relationship is entering the twilight phase. 

Indifference During Shared Screen Time

Watching movies and shows together is one of the most effective bonding times for couples. But if it turns out to be a dull, drab moment where your partner does nothing else but stare at the screen mindlessly — not commenting about anything or even struggling for control of the remote, you should really look into where his mind could possibly be. 

Cheating Accusations Flying Around

If he’s recently been accusing you of cheating, it’s probably a reflex from his infidelity. Perhaps he’s trying to play the victim to make you look and feel bad and doubt yourself. But it could also be that he’s actually sincere and worried that you might be cheating on him, just like he’s an unfaithful husband. Or even worse, he could be trying to justify his suspicious behavior by pointing a finger back at you. 

He’s Become Increasingly Irritable

If he’s not accusing you of cheating, it’s about something else. You never do anything right. You’re always turning him off. Perhaps he’s trying to push you away unconsciously, looking for reasons to justify his cheating activities. 

Talking Down at You in Public

Whether it’s a one-off incident or he’s just an uppity type, you shouldn’t take public embarrassment from your man lying down. Your man is always supposed to protect your image and your dignity as a woman — not embarrass you — in public. Doing so could mean he doesn’t mind losing you. 

An Awkward Change of Mind About Certain Things

It takes an incredible experience for someone to pick up a habit they once disliked or to like something they were once dispassionate about. If you find your husband suddenly becoming a fan of hip hop, soul music, or jazz — things that were once alien to him, you need to find out what’s driving the newfound love.

He Frequently Goes MIA

So in the early days of the relationship, he was always willing to go above and beyond for you. He never let you down once, and he was really patient and nice. But now, he gets impatient. He lets you down over and over again, then apologizes with an alibi that he was with this or that person or in an important meeting. Perhaps these are warning signs that he’s got one foot out the door in the relationship. 

No Show for Family Gatherings and Other Social Events

If he’s recently become apprehensive of family gatherings and other social gatherings without any legitimate reasons, it could be a telltale sign that he’s gradually distancing himself from you. 

He’s Discouraging You From Being Nice to Him

As he continues to drive a wedge between you two, he might just start getting downright mean. He no longer appreciates it when you go out of your way to do something nice to him. Or even worse, he’s caught up in what is called the Catholic guilt syndrome — when someone kicks against a good deed out of guilt — a feeling that he deserves worse treatment because he’s cheating on you. 

Switched Up Work Habits

Sometimes, changes in the workplace could require abrupt changes in routine. But if the changes are just too drastic, you should be really concerned that he may be cheating at work.

Ask his friends and colleagues, pay him a surprise visit at work, do your own findings to make sure that you have a hang of the situation, not just what he wants you to believe. 

Random Mood Swings

He’s probably trying to make his presence unbearable to push you to leave, so he becomes unpredictable around you. One moment he’s fine and dandy, and then the next moment, he’s shut out or even unhinged. 

Suspicious Looks on His Friend’s Faces

Another intelligible way to learn how to tell if your spouse is cheating is by checking up on his friends. He might be able to keep everything under wraps, but his friends may just get a little clumsy and give him away.

Perhaps you can feel the sarcasm and ridicule in the air when you walk in on his friends. You can probably hear them chatting and chuckling behind your back, and you have a strong feeling they’re talking about your relationship. 

He’s Incoherent When You Confront Him

Confronting your partner is another effective way to learn how to tell if your husband is cheating. If you catch him off guard, and he stutters when you call out his suspicious behaviors, he might just put up an inferior performance that gives him away. 

How to Find Out If Your Partner Is Cheating on a Cell Phone? 

cheating texts

So now you’ve seen enough signs of a cheating husband on a cell phone and other areas of his life. Tracking cheating on the phone can help roll away that dark cloud and take a huge burden off your shoulder.

Using a spy app is your best bet. With a spy app, you can track all your partner’s phone activities remotely without ever risking getting caught. Spy apps delve deep into the target phone to execute spying operations stealthily. It only takes a few minutes to download and install, after which you can begin scouring through your partner’s phone using your own device.

Here’s how to know if your husband is cheating using a spy app: 

Choose the Best Spy App to Catch a Cheating Spouse

One of the most challenging parts is choosing an ideal spy app. The internet is inundated in a sea of spy apps, and you can easily get lost trying to figure out the right pick. Thankfully, there are some top-notch spy apps like mSpy that offer a demo version to let you have a feel before forking out cash. 

Install Monitoring App on His Phone

After selecting a spy app, you’ll receive an email confirming your subscription and detailing how to install the monitoring app on your partner’s phone. These are usually straightforward instructions that you can carry out in a jiffy. 

Track Your Husband’s Location and Text Messages to Know the Truth

Once the installation is complete, you’ll now have unfettered access to your partner’s location, text messages, calls, and other types of phone data, depending on the type of spying features available in your subscription.


Seeing is believing. Now you know what signs your husband is cheating to look out for and how to find out ways a man cheats. You no longer need to doubt or second-guess yourself. You can connect the dots and see the bigger picture — if the relationship is really worth it or if your man is genuinely who he says he is.

When you find anything suspicious, simply cross-check with this guide to see if it’s a red flag that he is hiding something. And if it is, follow our guide above to track him and discover the truth using stealthy spy apps like mSpy.

I'm Alana Wade, a psychologist with over five years of experience working with relationships. I've dedicated my career to helping couples and families create lasting, meaningful connections.

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