Importance of Organisational Behaviour

Before letting you know the importance of organisation Behavior lets have a short introduction about what is organization behaviour

Organizational behaviour deals with the study of human behavior in an organization and how individuals and groups interact within and toward an organization. Organizational behavior helps us to understand why a person behaves as they do in an Organization or industry.

Organizational behavior also helps us to study the complexity of a person by recognizing the effects and causes of that behavior.  OB is important to understand the employee behavior and organization in the better positive way.

The organizations in which individuals work have an effect on their thinking, feeling and actions and these thinking actions affect the organization itself.

The main goal of Organizational behavior is to provide a friendly and strong relationship between employee and organization so that the company faces less complex issues in work environment.

Why is Organisational Behaviour important?

The success of an industry in depends on the management of its employee. It becomes very difficult to come to the smooth solution to the organizational problem because human behaviors are differing from each other.

So, OB is important to find the actual factor that causing the behavior and provides some different strategies to overcome the critical problematic behavior which affect the work environment and also harms the industry.

Organizational behavior is important to control the human behavior’s impact on job structure, communication, performance, leadership, and motivation.

Start Motivating Employees the right way!

The study of organizational behavior is important to motivate the employees. Management tries to fix the driving force that motivates such as behavior and try to assimilate more factors in the work culture. So how it’s possible to motivate the entire employee?

We can’t implement the same scenario for all employees; it will never give you a good result because all individuals are differing from each other. OB helps the manager to apply appropriate driving force, use some allocating motivational techniques and tools according to the nature of each employee. It will help you to achieve the organizational/ industrial goal properly.

Improving industrial relation

It’s very important to manage and improve the industrial relationship because the organization is based on the positive relationship between management and employee. We can develop the positive relationship by encouraging and rewarding the employee. By encouraging and rewarding, the employee self-actualization or moral can also be developed. This would be a good impact on the work environment. OB helps to find the root causes of the problems that occur during work and control its negative outcomes.

For improving the industrial relationship, the company made a joint worker counsel. Basically, joint worker counsel helps to manage a good relationship between the worker and management. The represented of joint worker counsel take ahead the problems from worker to management and get a solution from the management. In this way, a good relationship builds that have positive effects on performances of employees.

Controlling and predicting human behaviors:

Organization behavior is a socio-science so it’s all concern with individuals and its behavior. It’s quite important to study OB to control the human behaviors. OB also helps us to control and predict the employee’s behavior in the different situation. For example: if the company has an order to complete on urgent base than it necessary to work extra hours. So in this situation, some employees can get angry and reject to work extra hours. OB helps in this type of situation. A person who studies the OB will easily manage that situation.

If the manager can interpret properly the human needs of an enterprise, it may paintings towards fulfilling those desires and also challenges new plans and incentives to satisfy the employees and boost them morals.

Company culture:

OB helps to define the company culture like experience, rules, values and behavioral expectation of an industry.  Every organization has their own rules and regulation. Some have a liberal mind and some have conservative, so they make the values, rules according to them. OB tells you how the company culture can negatively and positively impact on employee’s behavior. And how company culture mediates to the employee in different ways, including mission, action, reward, and customs. An employee can learn how to behave by becoming socialized in an organization. Becoming socialized, the employee also gains to understand the company culture.

Affecting human behavior is another aspect of studying organizational behavior. It helps the management to evaluate the reaction of employees beforehand, prior to making any modifications in regulations or schemes.


As in the workplace, the occurring problem is normal but how its solve it? Can impact on the employee. As we already discuss each employee differing from each other. So, it a little bit difficult to make a strong connection between them and solving the problem according to each behavior. For solving the problems in an industry, it’s important to consider social and psychological aspect to design solution tools and techniques to solve industrial issues.

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