Ideas About How Children Grow and Develop

Before writing about How Children Grow and Develop let me focus on some Psychological Theories about how children grow and change over the time frame of childhood.These theories relay’s on Emotional, Cognitive Growth and Social Community.

Study about Children Growth is a huge Subject, We may call our self A Master in Child development but in reality we feel difficulty on how Kids/People Grow, Learn and the Act they perform then we got their some questions about what were the reasons behind it.what are the reason what and why they behave in certain ways etc.

Deep in to search that either their acts are based on their age,Their is a complete Ecological Systems Theory By Bronfenbrenner that describes this topic well.

Because of their maturity level. Their actions could be because of their family background or the society from where they belongs it could be the circumstances they have to be faced in the school or home. Therefor we have to judge their temperament in different Conditions and situations while observing children Growth and development period.

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There are various Theories of Child Development in order to understand human development. These theories provides a framework for thinking about learning and growth on Children.

Why we should Read Psychological Theories?

Understanding of child development has changed over the years from last decades. Theories provides a framework to learn about the accurate Goals of Psychology. These Theories can provide useful insight into society and individuals. Following are some of my favorite theories about child development.

Psychosocial Development Theory by Erikson

During the First half of twentieth Century Psychoanalytic theory was an enormously influential Force. Psychosocial development is best described by the Erikson’s eight stage Theory.

It have some similarities with Freud’s Theory of Psychosocial Development. According to this Theory Erickson Believes that Experience and social interaction played decisive roles rather than focusing on Sexual interest.

It also describes the process form infancy through death on his Eight-Stage Theory. According to his Theory People face with a development conflict during each stage of life that impacts somewhere in further growth and later functioning. Just like other development theories by Erikson it all focuses on entire lifespan.

Cognitive Development Theory by Piaget

It’s all about how these thought processes influence from which we interact with the world. Piaget proposed an idea that seems obvious now but it help to understand child development in better way because it is obvious that children think different then adults. It divided it all in four different stage.

  • The Sensorimotor Stage
  • The Preoperational Stage
  • The Concrete Stage
  • The Formal Operation Stage

Attachment Theory by Bowlby

Bowlby’s Attachment Theory is based on the social development of children. It proposed on of the Earliest Theories of Social Development. According to his Theory Early Relationships with caregivers play a major role in child development also it influence continuously to social relationship throughout the whole life.

He believes the kids are born with an innate need to form attachments in the respect of care and protection. These attachments are characterized by Motivational Patterns and Clear Behavior.

He believes that there are different attachment styles that do exist. Children having more care develop a secure attachment style on the other side children having low time support and care leads to avoident and disorganized style.

Social Learning Theory by Bandura

Social Learning Theory by Bandura is based on the work of Psychologist.According to him reinforcement process and conditioning process could not sufficiently  explain all Human Learning.He says that behaviors can be learn and judge by modeling and observation. Including parents and peers actions children develop new skills and gain new information.

Psychosexual Development Theory by Freud

Sigmund Freud’s Psycho sexual Development Theory explained Psychoanalytic theory very well.Sigmund  Freud came to believe through his clinical work with patients that were suffering from mental illness that kids have experienced unconscious desires influenced.According to him these desires make a role in the overall behaviour of a person. Just like Hebephilia which is very common in adults nowadays.

Sigmund Freud’s Psycho sexual theory  occurs in a series of stages focused on different pleasure areas of the body which plays a significant role in the course of development.

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