Weird Personality Traits

50 Surprising Weird Personality Traits

Weird Personality Traits

Before I let you know your personality traits. Let me tell you about some personality traits. No that is not introversion/extroversion, openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, and agreeableness. That is weird personality traits, some of us are quite amazed when listening to it the first time.

Constantly looking for those so the characters in my novels are memorable, and the reader is excited to have them go back to the plot line. There are a number of distinctive units of opposing characteristics I’ve diagnosed in entrepreneurs I respect. As also described on this site

Weird Personality Traits

Have a look at mentioned below these that we actually found in people.

50 Surprising Weird Personality Traits

  1. Twitches when nervous
  2. Unhealthy obsession with a certain food
  3. Snort when laughing
  4. Obsessed with cleaning
  5. Mumble things to himself continuously
  6. Talk with animals when feeling alone
  7. Wearing glasses without their need
  8. disturbance of sleep
  9. hesitate to eat in front of others
  10. Fear of silly objects
  11. Carries the notebook with them
  12. Hallucinates
  13. Delusion
  14. Depends on loved ones
  15. Visual memory
  16. just have imaginary friends
  17. Talk to plants walls and furniture
  18. Taking tea too much
  19. Can’t drive
  20. Left-handed
  21. Type with one finger
  22. Addiction to eat or drink something
  23. Fall asleep easily and anywhere
  24. Feel sleepy when doing travel
  25. Grown adults but still likes to play with toys like the teddy bear
  26. Wants to look different
  27. Conscious about brands
  28. Has a different boyfriend/ girlfriend every week
  29. Moving like dancing while doing work
  30. Easy to convey/impress
  31. Passing smile without any joke or reason
  32. Extreme shyness while talking to others
  33. Has a toothpick in the mouth
  34. Extremely superstitious
  35. Do the same work again and again like hand washing
  36. Relationship with the pet
  37. Daydreams constantly
  38. Having social phobia
  39. Boys with feminine habits like the crossing of legs
  40. Women use gents perfume
  41. Can’t keep a long-term relationship
  42. Want changes in life every day
  43. Collect animal’s fur, bone, and skin
  44. Try to read the minds of others
  45. Broke things when angry
  46. Never seen without makeup, always have gloss and chopstick
  47. Feels guilty about little mistakes
  48. Always acts like suspicious
  49. Ear their nails and skin around nails
  50. Never ties their shoes.

Looking For some more? ok let’s check this out A huge list of Character Quirks

Common Human Character Quirks

  1. Take a big sneeze  when anxious
  2. Become exhausted when Nervous
  3. Try to Roll’s tongue
  4. Abnormally short
  5. Eating butter straight from the stick
  6. Whistling all the time
  7. Not to comb hair
  8. Keep a collection of Rappers /Empty Cigarette packs etc
  9. Complaining about Everything
  10. Use to fall Constantly
  11. Can,t Count 1-100
  12. Bad Acne on skin
  13. A die-hard fan of Hated Singers or Animals
  14. Use a different transport for travel just like using a horse to travel to new york
  15. abnormally tall
  16. Never washes sheets
  17. Lazy in Changing Clothes
  18. Sleeping with wearing shoes
  19. Use to get injured
  20. Hate reading books
  21. Lazy in work
  22. Knows everything but perform nothing
  23. Busy in Finding other’s Fault
  24. Playing with dolls or kids toys
  25. Try to smell other’s smell
  26. use to sleep with teddy bears or toys
  27. Use to eat a favourite food daily
  28. Don’t bother to use Proper punctuation in Conversations
  29. Hate to talk on the phone call, Prefer Texting
  30. Hate work
  31. Use to find worst in Others
  32. Love to stay alone
  33. Hate to leave home
  34. Prefer him/her self-being bore then doing any important work
  35. Use to delay Eating Food.
  36. Cant sleep in light
  37. Hesitate to communicate with all with looking into their Eyes
  38. Imagine about him/her self a kid
  39. Thinking about the past
  40. Thinking about getting cheat by all everytime
  41. Use to eat creepy things like dust, sand or Baby food Etc
  42. Believe in Magics
  43. Extra Shy
  44. The attraction of Married Man/Women only
  45. Love to live in Nursing Home
  46. Hate work, Hate Mondays
  47. Love to watch favourite movies again and again
  48. Own every video game that ever been distributed
  49. Use to be sick or pretend as a pregnant to get off from work
  50. Keep someone else baby and pretend own to get attention
  51. Love to go, Disney,
  52. Prefer drinking then Eating
  53. Act like a Celebrity in Thoughts
  54. Afraid of Dogs
  55. Watch their pop
  56. Save their urine or sperm
  57. Afraid of being caught by police
  58. Love to donate but Cant
  59. Get hyper soon
  60. Forget names of people
  61. Always blame others for mistakes
  62. Acts differently / Stranger in front of their Crush
  63. Cant balance on their foot
  64. Make a list of daily to-do work but perform Nothing
  65.  Use to drink directly from the bottle. Avoid using Glass or cup
  66. Afraid of facing the old friends
  67. Remember useless facts or Things about non-important peoples
  68. Afraid of going somewhere alone
  69. Need their favourite pet to sleep with them
  70. Can spell any word verbally
  71. feared of closed doors
  72. Use to Wear same Shirt Daily
  73. Love to hangouts in Club Daily
  74. Wearing Shoes/Clothes and Accessories with tags
  75. Light sleeper
  76. Love to buy some electronics or new video game daily
  77. Use to eat candy or bubble gums daily
  78. Planning for going on diet, gym or sports but change mind on right time
  79. Thinking about travelling but not to go
  80. love to chew ice cubes
  81. Open the door of Fridge without any reason
  82. Moving Tv stations constantly




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So these are some weird personality traits that we see in our daily life. You may find this interesting, funny Traits/Quirks. Give feedback and also let me know that which weird traits do you have? Don’t forget to share and comment your thoughts.


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