50 Surprising Weird Personality Traits

Before I let you know your personality traits. Let me tell you about some personality traits. No that is not introversion/extroversion, openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, and agreeableness. That is weird personality traits, some of us are quite amazed when listening to it the first time.

Constantly looking for those so the characters in my novels are memorable, and the reader is excited to have them go back to the plot line. There are a number of distinctive units of opposing characteristics I’ve diagnosed in entrepreneurs I respect. As also described on this site

Have a look at mentioned below these that we actually found in people.

50 Surprising Weird Personality Traits

  1. Twitches when nervous
  2. Unhealthy obsession with a certain food
  3. Snort when laughing
  4. Obsessed with cleaning
  5. Mumble things to himself continuously
  6. Talk with animals when feeling alone
  7. Wearing glasses without their need
  8. disturbance of sleep
  9. hesitate to eat in front of others
  10. Fear of silly objects
  11. Carries the notebook with them
  12. Hallucinates
  13. Delusion
  14. Depends on loved ones
  15. Visual memory
  16. just have imaginary friends
  17. Talk to plants walls and furniture
  18. Taking tea too much
  19. Can’t drive [adinserter name=”Block 1″]
  20. Left-handed
  21. Type with one finger
  22. Addiction to eat or drink something
  23. Fall asleep easily and anywhere
  24. Feel sleepy when doing travel
  25. Grown adults but still likes to play with toys like the teddy bear
  26. Wants to look different
  27. Conscious about brands
  28. Has a different boyfriend/ girlfriend every week
  29. Moving like dancing while doing work
  30. Easy to convey/impress
  31. Passing smile without any joke or reason
  32. Extreme shyness while talking to others
  33. Has a toothpick in the mouth
  34. Extremely superstitious
  35. Do the same work again and again like hand washing
  36. Relationship with the pet
  37. Daydreams constantly
  38. Having social phobia
  39. Boys with feminine habits like the crossing of legs
  40. Women use gents perfume
  41. Can’t keep a long-term relationship
  42. Want changes in life every day
  43. Collect animal’s fur, bone, and skin
  44. Try to read the minds of others
  45. Broke things when angry
  46. Never seen without makeup, always have gloss and chopstick
  47. Feels guilty about little mistakes
  48. Always acts like suspicious
  49. Ear their nails and skin around nails
  50. Never ties their shoes.

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500+ Common Human Character Quirks

  1. Take a big sneeze  when anxious
  2. Become exhausted when Nervous
  3. Try to Roll’s tongue
  4. Abnormally short
  5. Eating butter straight from the stick
  6. Whistling all the time
  7. Not to comb hair
  8. Keep a collection of Rappers /Empty Cigarette packs etc
  9. Complaining about Everything
  10. Use to fall Constantly
  11. Can,t Count 1-100
  12. Bad Acne on skin
  13. A die-hard fan of Hated Singers or Animals
  14. Use a different transport for travel just like using a horse to travel to new york
  15. abnormally tall
  16. Never washes sheets
  17. Lazy in Changing Clothes[adinserter name=”Block 1″]
  18. Sleeping with wearing shoes
  19. Use to get injured
  20. Hate reading books
  21. Lazy in work[adinserter name=”Block 1″]
  22. Knows everything but perform nothing
  23. Busy in Finding other’s Fault
  24. Playing with dolls or kids toys
  25. Try to smell other’s smell
  26. use to sleep with teddy bears or toys
  27. Use to eat a favourite food daily
  28. Don’t bother to use Proper punctuation in Conversations
  29. Hate to talk on the phone call, Prefer Texting
  30. Hate work
  31. Use to find worst in Others
  32. Love to stay alone
  33. Hate to leave home
  34. Prefer him/her self-being bore then doing any important work
  35. Use to delay Eating Food.
  36. Cant sleep in light
  37. Hesitate to communicate with all with looking into their Eyes
  38. Imagine about him/her self a kid
  39. Thinking about the past
  40. Thinking about getting cheat by all everytime
  41. Use to eat creepy things like dust, sand or Baby food Etc
  42. Believe in Magics
  43. Extra Shy
  44. The attraction of Married Man/Women only
  45. Love to live in Nursing Home
  46. Hate work, Hate Mondays[adinserter name=”Block 1″]
  47. Love to watch favourite movies again and again
  48. Own every video game that ever been distributed
  49. Use to be sick or pretend as a pregnant to get off from work
  50. Keep someone else baby and pretend own to get attention
  51. Love to go, Disney,
  52. Prefer drinking then Eating
  53. Act like a Celebrity in Thoughts
  54. Afraid of Dogs
  55. Watch their pop
  56. Save their urine or sperm
  57. Afraid of being caught by police
  58. Love to donate but Cant
  59. Get hyper soon
  60. Forget names of people
  61. Always blame others for mistakes
  62. Acts differently / Stranger in front of their Crush
  63. Cant balance on their foot
  64. Make a list of daily to-do work but perform Nothing
  65.  Use to drink directly from the bottle. Avoid using Glass or cup
  66. Afraid of facing the old friends
  67. Remember useless facts or Things about non-important peoples
  68. Afraid of going somewhere alone
  69. Need their favourite pet to sleep with them
  70. Can spell any word verbally
  71. feared of closed doors
  72. Use to Wear same Shirt Daily
  73. Love to hangouts in Club Daily
  74. Wearing Shoes/Clothes and Accessories with tags
  75. Light sleeper
  76. Love to buy some electronics or new video game daily
  77. Use to eat candy or bubble gums daily
  78. Planning for going on diet, gym or sports but change mind on right time
  79. Thinking about travelling but not to go
  80. love to chew ice cubes
  81. Open the door of Fridge without any reason
  82. Moving Tv stations constantly
  83. Trust in the presence of Aliens
  84. follow and trust in the words of a single philosopher/writer/Blogger
  85. Believe that animal don’t have souls
  86. Trust in After live
  87. fights for animal freedom
  88. fights for Animal Rights
  89. concurs totally with the convictions of a solitary logician/individual
  90. trusts all religions are cliques
  91. trusts creatures don’t have spirits
  92. thinks being gay is a decision
  93. trusts paranoid ideas about governmental issues, chronicled occasions, and so forth.
  94. accepts everybody goes to paradise when they pass on
  95. has faith in outsiders
  96. has faith in an existence in the wake of death
  97. has faith in devilish ownership
  98. has faith in phantoms/spirits
  99. has faith in karma
  100. has faith in resurrection
  101. has faith in superheroes
  102. has faith in powerful/legendary animals (werewolves, vampires, mermaids, unicorns, and so forth.)
  103. has faith in the Illuminati[adinserter name=”Block 1″]
  104. trusts one sex is superior to the next
  105. trusts one race or culture is superior to another
  106. trusts the moon gives him unique forces
  107. trusts that watching/not watching a brandishing occasion significantly influences the result
  108. trusts the world will end soon
  109. conveys a “fortunate” thing with them all around
  110. doesn’t put stock in dysfunctional behavior
  111. battles for every living creature’s common sense entitlement
  112. battles for sex equity
  113. battles for human rights
  114. battles for the legitimization of marijuana/different medications
  115. battles for marriage balance
  116. abhors strife
  117. is a Mormon
  118. is Amish
  119. is a nonbeliever/rationalist
  120. is continually attempting to enlist individuals to their religion/philosophical convictions
  121. is aloof about governmental issues
  122. continuously has change in their pockets
  123. continuously has unfastened shoelaces
  124. continuously wears a top or cap
  125. continuously wears a coat, even in summer
  126. continuously wears shorts, even in winter
  127. continuously wears shades, even inside
  128. can’t fight the temptation to take apparel at whatever point they go to a dress store
  129. can’t wear a specific shading
  130. doesn’t utilize a wallet[adinserter name=”Block 1″]
  131. doesn’t wear a watch
  132. just possesses maybe a couple sets of shoes
  133. just wears a specific shading
  134. just wears shirts and pants
  135. claims a ridiculous measure of shoes
  136. declines to dispose of old garments
  137. declines to wear shoes
  138. wears brilliant socks
  139. wears heaps of arm ornaments
  140. wears jumbled socks
  141. wears numerous watches set to various time zones
  142. wears just dress of the contrary sex
  143. wears just new socks
  144. tallies roof tiles
  145. include splits the walkway
  146. include cash pockets once per day
  147. tallies claim teeth
  148. checks stairs
  149. checks stars
  150. encounters uneasiness when alone
  151. encounters uneasiness when in social circumstances
  152. encounters scenes of despondency
  153. encounters scenes of lunacy
  154. encounters freeze assaults
  155. has a habitual issue
  156. has a learning incapacity
  157. has a dietary problem not generally indicated (EDNOS)
  158. has anorexia
  159. has Asperger’s Syndrome
  160. has consideration shortfall hyperactivity issue (ADHD)
  161. has bipolar disporder
  162. has marginal identity issue (BPD)
  163. has bulimia
  164. has fancies of glory
  165. has gloom
  166. has epilepsy[adinserter name=”Block 1″]
  167. has summed up tension issue (GAD)
  168. has a sleeping disorder
  169. has narcolepsy
  170. has over the top impulsive issue (OCD)
  171. has post-horrible pressure issue (PTSD)
  172. has schizophrenia
  173. has seizures
  174. has particular mutism
  175. has senesthesia
  176. hears voices
  177. is a neurotic liar
  178. utilizes props/supports
  179. utilizes a wheelchair
  180. self-analyze
  181. self-hurts by wounding
  182. self-hurts by consuming
  183. self-hurts by cutting
  184. tallies steps taken while strolling
  185. goes to more than 50 shows for every year
  186. has a place with a book club
  187. has a place with a fan club
  188. websites
  189. boxes
  190. brings camera all over the place
  191. busks (performs out in the open for cash)
  192. can’t rest in the wake of watching blood and guts films
  193. gathers boxes
  194. gathers business cards
  195. gathers catches
  196. gathers superstar waste
  197. gathers flyers
  198. gathers creepy crawlies
  199. gathers packs of playing cards
  200. gathers postcards
  201. gathers stamps
  202. gathers soft toys
  203. gathers ticket stubs to everything
  204. makes kid’s shows
  205. makes funnies
  206. makes creations
  207. makes short movies
  208. stitches
  209. moves intensely
  210. outlines autos
  211. outlines garments
  212. doodles on everything
  213. weaves
  214. appreciates climbing
  215. appreciates puns
  216. appreciates jigsaw bewilders
  217. appreciates jokes with quips
  218. appreciates word bewilders
  219. fire-relaxes
  220. free-form raps
  221. gardens
  222. gets cerebral pains while tuning in to a specific kind/class of music
  223. has a dark belt in karate
  224. has a fixation on a specific TV appear, arrangement, film, or establishment
  225. has seen a specific melodic craftsman live more than 50 times
  226. abhors the outside
  227. chases creatures
  228. is a programmer
  229. is continually perusing
  230. is in a band
  231. juggles
  232. keeps a Rubiks 3D shape with them constantly
  233. stays aware of the climate fanatically
  234. sews
  235. lip-syncs
  236. cherishes prepackaged games
  237. cherishes outdoors
  238. cherishes retaining records[adinserter name=”Block 1″]
  239. cherishes playing functional jokes
  240. cherishes the outside
  241. cherishes to cover up and unnerve individuals
  242. makes dioramas/models
  243. makes welcoming cards
  244. makes web recordings
  245. makes robots
  246. blends music
  247. just tunes in to a specific classification of music
  248. just tunes in to a specific melodic craftsman
  249. just watches court TV
  250. just watches reality appears
  251. paints
  252. plays a melodic instrument
  253. plays a group activity
  254. behaves recklessly
  255. hones arrow based weaponry
  256. rehearses calligraphy
  257. rehearses enchantment
  258. rehearses metal working
  259. works on emulating
  260. rehearses blended combative techniques (MMA)
  261. rehearses taxidermy
  262. rehearses water sports
  263. rehearses carpentry
  264. rehearses yoga
  265. plays a group activity
  266. plays “quirky” recreations that require a paid membership, for example, World of Warcraft
  267. plays poker
  268. plays computer games
  269. arbitrarily meanders around/gets lost when exhausted
  270. peruses books part by section in reverse
  271. rides BMX
  272. rides ponies[adinserter name=”Block 1″]
  273. shake climbs
  274. runs
  275. scrapbooks
  276. subtly makes spray painting on open property
  277. independently publishes a magazine
  278. sings well
  279. skateboards
  280. portrays
  281. skiis
  282. swims
  283. swordfights
  284. takes pictures of everything
  285. trains high impact exercise classes
  286. trains craftsmanship classes
  287. trains move classes
  288. vlogs
  289. volunteers
  290. wrestles
  291. composes scholarly articles
  292. composes expositions
  293. composes fan fiction
  294. composes books
  295. writes to a penpal
  296. has a different fear
  297. fears or abhors a specific shading
  298. fears creatures
  299. fears puppies
  300. fears statures
  301. fears house felines
  302. fears creepy crawlies
  303. fears snakes
  304. is agoraphobic
  305. is claustrophobic[adinserter name=”Block 1″]
  306. is continually suspicious
  307. continuously bites gum
  308. continuously must nibble on something
  309. can’t drink anything with ice in it
  310. can’t blend sustenance
  311. can’t pour anything without spilling
  312. doesn’t drink liquor
  313. doesn’t drink non-“abstain from food” soda pops
  314. doesn’t drink soda pops
  315. doesn’t eat green things
  316. dumpster-jumps
  317. eats counter-clockwise/clockwise around plate
  318. eats just cool sustenance
  319. eats just hot sustenance
  320. has tea toward the evening
  321. is hypersensitive to nuts
  322. is hypersensitive to strawberries
  323. is lactose bigoted
  324. is unequivocally defenseless to “cerebrum solidify”
  325. is vegetarian
  326. is vegan
  327. can’t process proteins effectively
  328. keeps fit
  329. must hold a glass to feel great conversing with outsiders
  330. must bite sustenance a specific number of times
  331. should clean plate
  332. must drink espresso or tea to “wake up”
  333. must abandon some sustenance left finished
  334. fanatically adores a specific nourishment or flavor
  335. just eats free sustenance
  336. just beverages from paper, plastic, or styrofoam glasses
  337. just beverages water[adinserter name=”Block 1″]
  338. spares liquid to drink after the feast
  339. when eating out, dependably cleans up the table, lines up the flatware, and resets the sauces
  340. brushes teeth in excess of 10 times each day
  341. drinks liquor exorbitantly when alone
  342. drinks liquor exorbitantly when around others
  343. drinks liquor too much when in broad daylight
  344. drinks bunches of water
  345. doesn’t brush teeth
  346. doesn’t sweat
  347. routinely hacks/makes a sound as if to speak notwithstanding when solid
  348. routinely wheezes notwithstanding when sound
  349. has a huge unmistakable scar
  350. has hypersensitivities
  351. is colourblind
  352. is gassy
  353. is hearing-disabled
  354. is vision-disabled
  355. must murmur while brushing teeth
  356. utilizes medicates recreationally
  357. smokes cigarettes
  358. smokes pot
  359. sniffles uproariously
  360. sniffles ordinarily consecutively
  361. sweats lavishly
  362. urinates much of the time
  363. wears a retainer
  364. wears supports
  365. wears contact focal points
  366. wears glasses
  367. wears headgear
  368. works out/goes to the exercise center unnecessarily
  369. has just white furniture
  370. has numerous pets[adinserter name=”Block 1″]
  371. is “sorted out disarray”
  372. lives with just required furniture (no parlor seats or additional lights)
  373. continuously feels filthy
  374. continuously comprehends what bearing they are going
  375. continuously remains with feet separated
  376. continuously remains with hands in the face of their good faith
  377. continuously shreds arbitrary bits of paper/napkins
  378. keeps away from eye to eye connection
  379. squints over and again
  380. nibbles lip
  381. nibbles nails
  382. can’t keep still
  383. can’t walk straight
  384. bites straws
  385. bites toenails
  386. always alters dress
  387. always alters glasses
  388. always chances upon or thumps over things
  389. always checks telephone
  390. always squints
  391. splits neck/back
  392. splits knuckles
  393. effectively sunburnt
  394. squirms always
  395. has a whiskers
  396. has a bouncy walk
  397. has a mustache
  398. has a recognizable skin pigmentation
  399. has a spitting picture doppleganger
  400. has an unpleasant ability to read a compass
  401. has an eye jerk
  402. has body piercings
  403. has splendidly hued hair
  404. has to a great degree bristly arms
  405. has facial piercings
  406. has tattoos
  407. has unpleasant penmanship
  408. despises being contacted
  409. hates to embrace
  410. is continually contacting their face
  411. is a to a great degree quick walker
  412. is a to a great degree moderate walker
  413. is bare
  414. is twofold jointed[adinserter name=”Block 1″]
  415. is ahead of schedule to everything
  416. is solely left-gave
  417. is greatly cumbersome
  418. is greatly adaptable
  419. is greatly sensitive
  420. is late to everything
  421. cherishes to embrace
  422. must keep away from all splits in the walkway
  423. must advance on all breaks in the walkway
  424. picks nose
  425. picks skin
  426. plays with hair
  427. pulls on studs
  428. consistently gazes toward the sky, sun, or moon
  429. shifts weight from foot to foot
  430. skips tiles while strolling
  431. taps foot when exhausted or anxious
  432. taps pen on surface
  433. tends to drag feet
  434. strolls amidst the walkway or walkway so others can’t get around them
  435. strolls with a limp
  436. shrieks
  437. winks without figuring it out
  438. goes to bed after 4 am
  439. goes to bed at dawn
  440. goes to bed at dusk
  441. dozes amid the day
  442. dozes under 3 hours
  443. dozes without covers
  444. dozes without sheets
  445. rest cooks
  446. rest talks
  447. rest strolls
  448. takes dozing pills
  449. gets up at 3 am
  450. awakens evening
  451. coincidentally makes innuendoes without acknowledging it
  452. continuously answers an inquiry with an inquiry[adinserter name=”Block 1″]
  453. continuously gives the vaguest conceivable response to questions
  454. continuously snickers at possess jokes
  455. continuously lets out an apprehensive giggle before talking
  456. continuously cites things mistakenly
  457. raises/utilizes Internet images/language
  458. continually cites most loved films
  459. amends others’ language
  460. reviles continually
  461. doesn’t talk much
  462. doesn’t comprehend mockery
  463. effortlessly occupied in discussion
  464. closes decisive sentences with interrogative expression(?)
  465. plays with everybody
  466. gets furious when somebody misspeaks a word or articulates it uniquely in contrast to them
  467. goes off on digressions
  468. talks always
  469. has a catchphrase they utilize at whatever point conceivable
  470. has a particular highlight
  471. has a stutter
  472. has a stammer
  473. has an uncommonly shrill chuckle
  474. has an uncommonly low-pitched snicker
  475. has an uncommonly shrill voice
  476. has an uncommonly low-pitched voice
  477. needs to contact whoever they are addressing
  478. despises calm stops in discussion
  479. despises slang
  480. wavers before talking[adinserter name=”Block 1″]
  481. hinders
  482. is an unpleasant audience
  483. is effectively inspired
  484. is to a great degree naïve and falls for even the most clear mockery
  485. is amazingly mocking
  486. knows a remote dialect
  487. giggles at everything
  488. giggles to self arbitrarily or for reasons unknown
  489. makes discussions dependably swing to an impossible to miss theme
  490. murmurs things under their breath
  491. portrays their life so anyone might hear
  492. never talks except if addressed
  493. never utilizes withdrawals
  494. delays a great deal while talking
  495. plays idiotic
  496. puts others down always
  497. arbitrarily blasts into tune
  498. responds exaggeratedly to everything
  499. frequently misspeaks words
  500. claustrophobic
  501. effectively cool
  502. effectively overheated
  503. gets awkward in a place with practically zero spots to take a seat
  504. gets awkward in a place without any windows
  505. must sit beside a divider
  506. wants to sit on the arm of seats or love seats instead of the seat
  507. can recognize any plant
  508. can cite almost any film or TV appear
  509. can comprehend a troublesome sudoku in less than 5 minutes
  510. can comprehend a Rubiks 3D square in less than a moment
  511. can talk in a toon voice that sounds not at all like their genuine voice
  512. can converse with their mouth shut
  513. moves well
  514. draws well
  515. for the most part fortunate
  516. great at card diversions
  517. great at card traps
  518. great at hair-plaiting
  519. is a specialist with a specific sort of film
  520. is a specialist with a specific sort of music
  521. knows how to code sites
  522. knows how to shoot a weapon precisely
  523. knows how to sew
  524. knows bunches of futile incidental data
  525. sings suck[adinserter name=”Block 1″]
  526. does not drive
  527. must sit in a seat by the window on autos/trains/planes
  528. won’t fly
  529. won’t take open transportation
  530. does not drive
  531. must sit in a seat by the window on autos/trains/planes
  532. won’t take open transportation

10 Weird Introvert Traits Other People Just Don’t Understand

So these are some weird personality traits that we see in our daily life. You may find this interesting, funny Traits/Quirks. Give feedback and also let me know that which weird traits do you have? Don’t forget to share and comment on your thoughts.

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I'm Alana Wade, a psychologist with over five years of experience working with relationships. I've dedicated my career to helping couples and families create lasting, meaningful connections.

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  1. I definitely have some of these weird personality traits! I’m a very independent person and I like to do things my own way. I’m also very headstrong and I have a hard time following rules or instructions if I don’t agree with them. But overall, I think these quirks make me a more interesting and unique person. 🙂

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