motivation in organisational behaviour

The process of Motivation in Organisational Behaviour



I used to study Organisational behaviour Success and came to find out following points that incredibly leads to the success of any organization. The process of motivation in organisational behaviour is basically rounded around different points like tension, feedback, motivation, reward etc. These points help to achieve goals of better organisational behaviour.

Employee motivation plays an important role in their performances as it is the crucial concern to management. To fulfill the need of this point the management have to find out the Unsatisfied Needs of Employee should also have to take an eye open on their motives.

Basically, the unsatisfied needs and motives are activated by the cause of internal stimuli “Hunger and Thirst” is the best example on this. There are some other external reasons in which unsatisfied needs can also be activated.

motivation in organisational behaviour

Unsatisfied Needs and Motives create tension in the employee. These tensions can be in any shape like psychologically, sociologically or physically.


To overcome Tension some action need to be taken to satisfy the needs and motives these actions helps in tension reduction.


It becomes hard to achieve a goal by taking tension along with an individual, A tension free mind could get a better reward than other because of their high proficient performance ultimately goals are accomplished. These points took much importance of organisational behaviour.

There are three points to determined Performance.

  • Individual ability
  • Organisational environment
  • Motivation


Effective performance is impossible to achieve with the absence of above points. No matter if a manager have high qualified employee under him/her there is a need to provide a best possible environment. Management can only do a its job effectively by permote and motivating employees to accomplish organizational objectives.



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