Acute Stress Disorder

Acute Stress Disorder is an anxiety disorder that occurs within one month of a traumatic event due to emotional trauma. Acute means the extreme level of stress that disturbed you whole work function, thinking process, cognitive abilities. We are facing the emotional trauma in our daily life; it’s up to us how we face that traumatic event. Some of us can’t bear to lose someone beloved. Trauma may b about to lose someone or fail in any particular work, rape, childhood abuse or anything else.

History and background:

Very first, the Acute Stress Disorder was introduced during world war 1,2 by describing the symptom of solider. It was considered as the temporary response of those healthy more solid that was faced that traumatic event. Most of the people were shocked too by the loss of their family members in a world war.

AST is defined by symptoms and duration as in this article that’ll we discuss in next step. Many people lose their loved ones in the terrorist attack; women mostly experienced childhood abuse or rape attempted. That led them to acute stress disorder Best a minority of victims of worrying occasions have sufficient symptoms to meet the diagnostic standards for the acute stress disorder.

Causes of Acute Stress Disorder:

The main cause of Acute Stress Disorder is to face the painful event or unexpected fear. It may also the cause of serious injury. A person should be exposed to a disturbing occasion to be a threat for this disorder. Individuals may be more dangerous for growing acute stress ailment if they have previously been identified with an intellectual disorder, perceive the stressful occasion to be very excessive, have an avoidant coping style while experiencing distress, or have a history of previous trauma. Women are more likely to broaden acute stress disorder than guys.

Getting scientific treatment within a few hours of experiencing a worrying occasion may additionally lessen the chance which you’ll broaden ASD. In acute stress disorder, the people often have the negative feeling about himself like I have no reason to live, but that is true time heals all wounds.

Reasons to live:

When someone faces any trauma, they feel like now everything is over and we have no reasons to live. But we are still alive by going through an acute traumatic situation. We just need to learn how to face any problem and traumatic conditions. it is true that losing beloved one is not easy, all of us have the feeling of suicide and thought now there are no reasons to live.

Time heals all wound:

Do you believe that time heals all wound? yes, i believe that we do not die after losing someone very close. we do all our important and necessary work within a specific time period. we just need three months to get rid of any stress. we come back to our normal routine. no one dies to lose someone. yes, no doubt, we face some stress but time heals all wound.

 Those who paintings in jobs that deliver an excessive hazard for worrying activities, together with military personnel, can also advantage from training schooling and counseling to lessen their danger of growing acute stress disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder if

a traumatic occasion does arise.

The symptoms and Diagnostic criteria for Acute Stress Disorder (AST)

• Difficulty in sleep

• Dizziness with fatigue and headache

• Disturbance in work functioning

• Avoidant social interaction

• Being tense and irritable

•Difficulty in concentration

• Distressing thoughts and dreams

When these symptoms must present a minimum of three days and maximum one month then we can be diagnosed it that is acute stress disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder. Acute stress disorder can be diagnosed by asking the question about the traumatic events.

Source: Medicinenet

Treatment by DSM-5

There is described more than one treatment to reduce this Disorder.

•Cognitive behavioral therapy

•Counseling and psychotherapy

• Hospitalization if an individual trying to suicide or harm to others

• Medication like anti-anxiety and anti-depression.

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